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I have heard of people having really bad experiences with very aggressive window salesmen. I am worried about letting a salesman into my house because I will feel awkward trying to get rid of them.

At BeeClear we understand that this is a serious worry for older customers or perhaps ladies living on their own. When you ask for a BeeClear technician to come and help you with your windows that is exactly what you will get – A TECHNICIAN!  BeeClear do not employ sales people and none of our staff are on sales commission. OK so let’s make it clear:

Bee Clear PROMISE to:

  1. Be polite and friendly at all times
  2. NEVER put pressure on a customer to make a purchasing decision
  3. Never try and stay longer than the customer wishes
  4. Always give clear and honest advice
  5. Always give our best price straight away

I’ve been told that guarantees from businesses are not worth the paper they are written on. This worries me because windows are a long term investment.

This is a genuine concern for anyone buying windows. BeeClear’s 10 year guarantee is backed by an independent insurance policy which means that in the unlikely event that we are unable to honour the warranty, the Glazing and Glass Federation insurance scheme will do so instead. This offers BeeClear customers total peace of mind. Don’t take chances – become a BeeClear customer!

If I am replacing my windows do I need to comply with building regulations?

Since 2010, even for replacement windows building regulations must be met so, yes you do! This can be a complicated procedure however as BeeClear are a FENSA registered company complying with building regulations it’s totally hassle free for our customers. After we have completed your work we register the installation with FENSA who will then contact you direct and provide you with a certificate which full fills all legal obligations you have under the building regulations. You must have this certificate when you come to sell or rent the property.

Will there be a mess made when the windows are changed?

The feedback we get from our customers is that they are always pleasantly surprised at how tidy and hassle free changing a window is! We promise to tidy up thoroughly as we go along after each window is finished.

Can you replace windows in the winter?

Yes we can! We work right through the winter! When it’s cold we replace one window at a time so that doors can be shut and the rest of the house kept warm.

Can your fitters take their shoes off in my house – I’ve got new carpets!

For health and safety reasons, because they are using sharp and sometimes heavy tools as well as handling glass, our fitters must wear adequate footwear at all times. However they will take every care to protect your carpets. As well using boot covers we can use dust sheets to cover all areas we need to walk on. If you have any particular concerns just talk to us advance and we will make any extra arrangements that you think are needed.

How long will the work take to complete?

Generally we aim to install, on average, about 4 or 5 windows a day.

I only decorated last year, will I need to do it all again if you put new windows in?

We take every care to do carry out our work in a clean and tidy manner. Every job is slightly different however in our experience with over 95% of windows we replace the surrounding internal décor does not need to be redone. We will always advise if we think there may be some extra cosmetic work required for example, as is sometimes the case when replacing the old wooden box sash style windows.

My windows are foggy and marked. I’ve been told by another window company that I need full replacement for the whole house. How do I know that BeeClear’s repair don’t replace system will work for me?

It’s really simple; We have a procedure that can test your windows thermal efficiency and the results are visible to you within a couple of minutes. You will be able to see which windows are working as they should and which ones are not. There are no tricks; We genuinely want to offer our customers the most cost effective solution to their window problems.