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We care about our customers and we go the extra mile to make sure they’re happy so it’s always nice to hear that our work is appreciated. Below you can find out what some of our customers are saying about our work.

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“Hello Jason, have just forwarded the agreed amount. The windows seem fine & were fitted expertly (what a pity we didn’t find you sooner & had to put up with amounts of hassle from other suppliers over the years, with numerous callbacks!) We would certainly recommend you. Also very pleased with front door & other building work. Best of luck with your company for the future.”
Sandra Fairholme.

“I visited my old school friend for Sunday tea at her home in Southwell. She showed me her new folding doors which opened out into the garden. Her dining room filled with fresh air from the outside, I love the smell of freshly mown grass. I could not believe how much brighter the room was too. I decided then and there that I wanted similar doors in my bungalow. My friend explained that Bee clear windows had been very easy to deal with so I contacted them the next day. Bee clear installed my new doors within a month. Both my friend and I have been amazed at how such a simple change has transformed how we both use our houses!”
Audrey Hammond, Southwell.

“Bifold doors are sent from heaven! No longer am I driven mad by the sound of my kids banging the back door all through the summer holidays as they play in and out of the house, now they run in and out to their hearts content…quietly!  Hallelujah for bifold doors and thank you Bee Clear.”
Mr Gibbs, West Bridgford.

“We love our new house (it isn’t new – Ed) because we can play in and out of the garden all of the time now without getting into trouble, unless we forget to take our shoes off”
Mr Gibb’s Children (not sure if this is good publicity! – Ed)

“I have lived on my own now for over 5 years and I was quite happy until my house was broken into one afternoon whilst I was shopping in town with some friends. I came back and my house was a terrible mess. I was very upset and nervous when the police explained to me how easily the burglar had got in. He had simply shoved the back door very hard and the case of the old yale lock had snapped open. I was still upset when I rang Bee Clear and it was really nice to talk Jason who is a retired police officer himself. Two weeks later Bee Clear had put in a new door which looks lovely and is very solid. I have also taken some hints and tips from Jason about making my home a bit safer.”
Mrs Randall, Bakersfield, Nottingham.

“After having to practically throw out a window salesman from a well known company I was very reluctant to talk to anyone else about replacing my old wooden windows but my friend said I should call Bee Clear in Nottingham. They were polite on the phone and when one of their window technicians turned up he spent about half an hour measuring the window then sat down and asked me what I wanted. He listened and then showed me exactly what Bee Clear could do, I was really keen to have a light wood coloured frame with white on the inside. He stayed for about three quarters of an hour in total and I received a written quote through the post 2 days later. Bee Clear replaced all of my windows and doors 2 weeks later. They are really good guys.”
Mr Ackers, Derby    

“I saw the Bee Clear van saying GET IT SORTED so I rang them and they did! I thought I was going to have to buy windows costing a fortune but they changed the glass in six of them and assured me the others were fine. Six foggy windows removed for a couple of hundred quid, I’m well pleased.”
Mrs Jennings, Heanor.